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San Francisco Bay Area Health Careers Opportunity Program

San Francisco Bay Area HCOP

The Stanford University School of Medicine, in collaboration with University of California Berkeley’s School of Public Health, San Francisco State University and Health Career Connection was recently awarded a three-year Health Careers Opportunity Program (HCOP) grant by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). The primary goal of the San Francisco Bay Area Comprehensive HCOP Program is to increase diversity in the health professions by providing specific programs and activities to disadvantaged students in four contiguous counties surrounding the San Francisco Bay. The four anchor institutions offer separate programs and joint activities to promote successful entrance into careers in the health professions. Hear HCOP student experiences firsthand by clicking the HCOP logo at the top of this page.

Stanford University, School of Medicine

In addition to pipeline events and activities offered throughout the year, the Center of Excellence in Diversity in Medical Education (COEDME) will offer the Stanford Summer HCOP – a six-week residential program for undergraduate students interested in becoming physicians. Similar to the primary goal of the San Francisco Bay Area Comprehensive HCOP Program, the Stanford Summer HCOP aims to increase diversity in the health professions by providing specific programs and activities to students in the region who have faced economic, financial, or other barriers that have prevented them from achieving academic success in preparing for careers in medicine. Focusing on the Bay Area, the Stanford Summer HCOP will emphasize year-round connectedness to academic development opportunities for student participants to increase successful preparation for application and admittance to medical school.

For more information, please visit the California College Network for premeds

UC Berkeley, School of Public Health

The UC Berkeley School of Public Health is committed to inspiring and supporting more qualified, diverse candidates to successfully pursue public health careers and to make a difference in underserved communities. Toward this end and to contribute to Bay Area HCOP goals, UC Berkeley offers the following programs, opportunities and support services for undergraduates and prospective students:

  • 8 week paid Summer Public Health Research Internships with School of Public Health Faculty. Also includes GRE Prep Course. Apply through the UCB Summer Research Opportunity Program.
  • Practice-based summer internships in public health and community health organizations (in partnership with Health Career Connection)
  • GRE preparation courses and books for qualified candidates.
  • Public Health Career and Graduate Education Advising
  • Outreach to undergraduate & community college students & clubs
  • Application support from the Director of Diversity and Public Health Graduate Student Advisor.
  • Professional and leadership development opportunities
  • Primary care and public health exposure program across campuses
  • Dissemination of information about financial aid for students

Support for UC Berkeley HCOP Graduate Students includes:

  • Summer Preparatory Program Support
  • Tutoring and Mentoring
  • Multicultural Health in Action Community Projects

San Francisco State University

Formal Post-Baccalaureate Program
The Formal Post-Bac Program is a year-round (summer, fall spring), full-time, highly structured and supportive program. Tuition is charged by the unit, not by the semester, and students take only the classes they need. Core courses (pre-reqisites) cost $600 per unit, while electives cost $500 per unit. Financial aid is available, and HCOP participants receive additional financial support. The Formal Post-Bac Program has a Career Changer Track (CCT) and an Academic Enhancer Track (AET). The CCT targets those who need to take pre-requisite science and math courses in preparation for applying to health profession graduate schools, such as medical, dental and pharmacy schools. Most participants spend two years (6 semesters) in the CCT. The AET is a newer track that targets those who need to improve their academic record by taking mainly upper-division science electives in preparation for applying to graduate health professions schools. Participants spend 1-6 semesters in the AET, depending on their previous academic record.

Dental Post-Baccalaureate Program
The Dental Post-Bac Program targets socioeconomically challenged dental school reapplicants and first-time applicants that have completed all dental school pre-requisite courses. Preference is given to applicants with a documented record of interest in practicing in underserved communities. The Program typically begins with a 4-week introductory summer session, followed by two semesters of rigorous upper-division science course work, a summer preparing for and taking the DAT, and a final fall semester of taking courses. Tuition is based on half-time or full-time student status, and considerable financial aid is available, including some funding by HCOP.

Informal Post-Baccalaureate Program (Open U)
The Open U Program is designed for Career-Changers and Academic Enhancers, but in a less structured environment. Due to California budget cuts and subsequent increased enrollment demand by undergraduates, it is difficult but not impossible to get into classes through this Program.

Pre-Nursing Post-Bac Program
We will begin a 15-month (4 semester: summer, fall, spring, summer) Pre-Nursing Post-Bac Program in early June, 2012. This Program will admit a cohort of 20-60 pre-nursing students who have already earned their Bachelor's degree, but who still need to take or retake some or all of the nursing school pre-requisite course work. Nursing school pre-requisite ourses will cost $600 per unit and electives will cost $500 per unit. Limited financial aid is available in the form of federal and private loans. The immediate goal of our Pre-Nursing Post-Bac Program is to prepare these students to be strong applicants to US nursing schools.

Summer Science Institute (Undergraduate)
The Summer Science Institute (SSI) is a program for socioeconomically challenged freshman and sophomores who intend to enter any health profession. SSI provides extensive academic support and career guidance during the summer, with follow-up Colloquia during the fall and spring. Tuition is based on half-time or full-time student status, and considerable financial aid is available, including some funding by HCOP.

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Health Career Connection (HCC)

Health Career Connection (HCC) is a Bay Area based non-profit that inspires and empowers undergraduate students to more effectively choose public health and healthcare careers, better understand how to get from where they are to where they want to be and have a higher probability of achieving their health career goals. HCC’s priority goals are aligned with Bay Area HCOP’s including supporting students to meet their full potential, increasing diversity in the health professions and preparing health leaders and professionals who will serve underserved communities. HCC achieves these goals through its comprehensive paid summer internship program. HCC internships are 10 week, full-time paid placements in leading hospitals, health centers, health departments, primary care and other health organizations. The HCOP supported internship opportunities are working with Bay Area underserved populations. HCC also offers internships in 4 California Regions and in New England and New York. The program targets undergraduate students interested in pursuing careers in health management and policy, health education, community health, environmental health, Health IT and other public health options. HCC does not offer medical or clinical internships. While all students are eligible, we strongly encourage students of color and students from disadvantaged backgrounds to apply.

To learn more about HCC view our video and visit our website or contact Trisha Lee Garcia, Program Coordinator.

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