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Assessing Learning Skills


How to identify pre-medical school resources

Knowing where and when to seek assistance is a much-needed skill when entering one of the many medical fields. Take one of the following questionnaires to see if you are utilizing the academic resources at your school.

Getting a good premedical education means knowing what resources are available:


Academic advising opportunities and advisors

Dr, Mendoza advising a student

Advising opportunities are available for premedical and medical students. For premedical students, advising is offered in a variety of formats including individual, group, and workshops. Individual and group advising sessions can be arranged by contacting the COE office. The group sessions are most commonly offered to student groups visiting from undergraduate institutions. The workshop sessions are typically included as part of COE sponsored recruitment conferences.

The following topics are available for premedical student advising:

  1. Academic preparation, including GPA and MCATs
  2. Role of clinical experience
  3. Leadership activities
  4. Research and scholarly activities
  5. AMCAS application process
  6. Role of references and selecting a reference writer
  7. Community involvement and leadership
  8. Minority and disadvantaged status
  9. Summer programs
  10. Personal statement


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