Center of Excellence in Diversity in Medical Education


Presentation by Dr. Fernando Mendoza

Since 1972, Stanford University School of Medicine has graduated 530 minority physicians into varied and distinguish medical careers.  This number represents an average of 18% of every medical school class, but demonstrates only one aspect of the diversity of each medical school class which over the years has become more diverse in gender, race, ethnicity, and other aspects represented in our society. This history places Stanford University School of Medicine among the most diverse medical schools in the country, and demonstrated its commitment to enhance all students learning by providing an environment supportive of diversity.  The Stanford Medical School’s curriculum and environment has nurtured the development of students into physician leaders in medicine.  Among them, are minority alumni who have achieved national and international recognition for their accomplishments. Over the past thirty five years, minority alumni have significantly impacted clinical practice, research, education, and health policy. This section of the COE web site profiles these accomplishments, and link with the Stanford Medical Center Alumni Association which offers alumni the opportunity to contribute to the further development of students, residents and post-doctoral fellows.

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